I was reading Fr Z’s excellent blog. He said something in this post on one of the prayers of the liturgy about application of Church teaching being specific. If I can see someone I am to love God right there in that person. If I am to do some task I am to love God right there in that task.

We are called to love and desire God’s will in concrete situations, in the details of life, especially when those details are little to our liking.

We must love God in this beggar, 下载shadowrocket annoying creep, shadoweocket电脑端Jesuit, not in beggars, creeps, and Jesuits in general.  We must love Christ and His Cross in this act of fasting, this basket of laundry, this ICEL translation. I said it was a challenge!

These words bring home to me how essential the personal is in this life. MY role is to be used to love God in this load of dishes or laundry, this lesson in our home school, this child who just got into something not theirs–again. This blog post as well. Every goal I set needs to be re-focused with this truth in mind.

Every goal from my intentions for the education of my children, to the training of the pony, to sewing garb for SCA, to writing articles or stories, to developing my ventriloquism, and playing my autoharp must become an act of loving God.

Every aspect of my life needs to be refocused to be an act of love to God. This husband, this child, this house, this vehicle, this activity must each be an act of loving God. No exceptions.

I’ve let the scandals take my eyes off of what is actually essential. I intend to change my focus.

I must keep it simple. Love God in the person or activity in front of me.

Let’s finish up with one more quote from Fr. Z’s blog post. This time the prayer from the liturgy that he translated and discussed. I liked his literal translation:

O God, who make the minds of the faithful to be of one will, grant unto Your people to love that thing which You command, to desire that which You promise, so that, amidst the vicissitudes of this world, our hearts may there be fixed where true joys are.


And my own prayer today:

Dear Lord, Thank You for the writings of Fr Z. Please bless and protect him and all the clergy who are faithful to you. Please convert those who are not. Please help me to see and love You in each person, each activity, and each moment. +Amen.

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Immigration– My Thoughts and Ideas

Immigration is a hot topic these days and what is happening to families here illegally is all over the news. Do not blame government for enforcing our laws as it is supposed to do. Blame ourselves! WE the CITIZENS created those laws through our elected officials. WE the CITIZENS can change them. We can visit and write letters to all the elected officials about the need to change the laws. WE need to stop the bitching and moaning. WE are culpable for the laws because we are CITIZENS with the right to vote in primaries and elections. Those separated families are OUR fault!

Now, some will say that we need a wall at the border. We need our borders secured–absolutely!! Have you written your congressmen and congresswomen yet to demand they pass legislation that funds, builds, maintains, and puts border patrol agents on that wall?  NO? Then stop complaining and write the letter you ought to have written long ago!

These are my personal thoughts about the current situation of families who crossed our border illegally seeking a better life. I initially wrote it somewhere else, and realized I could do more with it on my blog. Shadowrocket for iOS - Free download and software …:Shadowrocket for iPhone. $2.99 Guangming Li iOS Version 2.1.13 Full Specs . Visit Site External Download Site. $2.99. Publisher's Description. From Guangming Li:

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I am upset by the families separated at the border. First, our laws are not optional! They must be either enforced or changed. I know the people in the news broke the law; the question is, should this law be changed? Is this law just? Does it do anything to honor the rights of citizens? Most of these parents would come across legally if they could– why cannot we tackle this at the core?

Reading in Church teaching I note two things that if followed should be good all around.

First, Citizens of this country have the right…

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  2. to know who is here,
  3. to expect immigrants to work hard to learn our language, laws and customs.
  4. to expect our laws be enforced
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Second, Immigrants should…

  1. respect the country hosting them,
  2. learn to be patriotic, honor our American customs
  3. work hard and pay taxes
  4. learn her language
  5. obey her laws

Church teaching is that we must be compassionate to those who are fleeing persecution but NOT at the expense of our citizens. Thus, violent immigrants should be tried, convicted, and expelled (or shot). Because our laws MATTER and NOBODY has the right to abuse the people of this country.  


I want the border wall.  I want the border wall to be very well guarded.  I want places for migrating animals to cross that have armed guards licensed to shoot to kill to keep humans from crossing in those places. I want cameras streaming so that citizens can watch and call in when they see someone trying to climb the wall–we have enough elderly people who might find it a good use of their time.  BUT THE WALL IS NOT ENOUGH.

A border wall, well guarded, combined with revamped crossing places where those seeking asylum can give name, hand prints, documenting of who they are, declare a parish home(to act as a temporary address), agree that any criminal activity on their part COULD be grounds for expulsion (expel the violent criminals, drug dealing criminals, and gang members), that they will pay taxes and avoid use of the welfare system until citizens, would give a proper structure for this.  THIS IS PART OF REVAMPING THE IMMIGRATION SYSTEM.

Anyone here without proper documentation would need to cross the border out of the country and then turn around and enter to be processed. Give a 3 yr window for this and THEN start rounding up those who have not remedied their situation.  I just heard someone whine about the cost to take a bus to the border, and back–well, Jesus gave his commands to INDIVIDUALS– if it bothers you then start a ministry to pay for the bus tickets or to hire buses to take undocumented/illegal aliens to the border so they can cross to come in and be documented.


If immigrants work and pay taxes and avoid welfare of any sort, and obey all the laws for 10 years they ought to be eligible to become citizens. If they get even so much as a ticket, their ten years starts over but we don’t kick them out unless they are convicted of a violent felony or prove to be habitual criminals.

Bypassing the need for a lengthy lawyer ridden process, they should be able to use their ID, color coded to where they first entered the US, to file forms and ask to take the exam, which, once approved to take it, ought to be given on a computer in a government office, if they fail any portion, they will know instantly and will be allowed to take the test again, with a week between attempts for further study.  Once they pass the exam, they go on a list to be notified when the next opportunity to gather and take the oath of citizenship will be. 

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Its the criminals we do not want.  One might ask, but what about those who become citizens and break the law? If you mean commit a violent felony– I think they ought to have their citizenship revoked if convicted. Outside of a probationary period they should be treated as any other citizen who committed a violent felony.  Those immigrants in Maine who made a mob and terrorized citizens beating one to death with pipes and bats should be tried and executed and their families deported. A hard line is needed when persons immigrate to create violence on our land!


I think if someone commits an act of terrorism that not only that immigrant but their entire family should be expelled from this country. You blow up a bomb? All non-citizens in your family are deported, anyone on probation in your family is deported, and the terrorist should be tried and executed. The common good requires a hard line against violence, ESPECIALLY when committed by non-citizens.


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Working people are not the problem, not really, its the problem is the criminals (a mom seeking a life of relative safety and hope for her kids is just not a criminal in my eyes even though she broke our laws–but we are culpable for the open border and lack of a legal path that works for these people). We need to be WAY harder on violent criminals here illegally or legally. 小火箭 Shadowrocket 教程 安装 使用 – Shadowfly:2021-6-30 · 如果您在电脑上复制了此链接,请您通过QQ、微信或者类似的工具将此链接发送至您的iOS 设备。 如果您在iOS设备上复制了此链接,请您切换至“Shadowrocket” app。 4:导入配置信息 打开(切换到)Shadowrocket后,请您点击主页(最底下,左数第一个)面 ...

Our laws are not optional!!! Enforce them, and if we the people find a law unjust—WE must act to change it!

Dear Lord, please help us to create and enforce good laws, to change bad ones, and to enforce those laws which are for the common good. +Amen.


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Top Bar Beekeeping and Hive building

Today’s post is inspired by the video blog HOME SKILLET found on youtube. I like the kids, they are spunky and independent. Go spike their stats. http://youtu.be/S_W2JlOAltQ is their first post, and http://youtu.be/pR2WkbfNb2g is the vlog that inspired this post. This is about Top Bar Bee hives to share with anyone who shows interest in this form of beekeeping. I like this style better than Langstroth hives because I don’t do lifting and don’t want to buy fancy equipment for honey harvesting. I am also intrigued by an approach focused on keeping bees that need less or no expensive treatments for Varroa mites or small hive beetles.


I have measurements for the top bar hives used by a guy down in Houston (Dean Cook- I hope I got his name correct!) who teaches on Top Bar hives at our local Bee Schools.

Its in my notes from the last Bee School I attended. So I will go look for that notebook and get those for this post. If you can do a deck, you can build these hives. Then set them out with some lemongrass essential oil in them and see if you cannot acquire a wild swarm.

The best part of free bees is that if they are too aggressive, you just need a new queen, so let them build out the comb, and get the hive going, then you order a new queen, and three days before you go get her, you locate and kill the old queen. The new queen is introduced three days later when they are frantic to get a new queen, and you let her stay in her little box and remove the cork from the end of the queen box that has candy as a second plug.


Let the bees eat through the sugar to free her– this usually is successful. Shortly later her babies will begin to hatch and a bit longer and the “hot” hive will no longer be hot– and you will have another colony with only the cost of the new queen. Many feral groups are not hot at all.

AH! Found MY NOTES!!

Untreated lumber yellow pine works as well as anything else.

Paint for exterior NOT interior (the bees coat the interior with propolis so it will be very well sealed indeed!) can be any color.


2–, 8′ 2 x 12 to make a 6 foot long hive cut

1– 1 x 12 for the bottom boards


corks for the entry holes

paint for the exterior of the hive

pavers or concrete blocks to set the hives on– if you want.


a saw and a drill….tape measure, and a level to get the hive level when you set it up for the bees.


A) cut 2 foot off the 8 foot boards= 2– 6′ long sides and 2– 2′ ends.

B) cut the bottom edge of the long sides at an angle so that when the sides are at 60degrees you can put a bottom board on flush, do not cut the top edge at all.

C) set the long sides between the ends, and glue and screw them at a 6o degree angle.

D) cut the bottom board and screw it on

E) now, lots of videos show the holes cut close to the bottom board– go up a couple inches because there is a great metal device you can add later (and I will update with the link for that) that lets you close that up so that the queen cannot escape but the workers can go in and out.

If you drill the entry holes, usually three a couple inches apart, smaller, you can close them off with wine corks, or go larger and buy larger corks.

Usually leave only one hole open except during very busy honey making periods. Single door helps the guard bees to keep robber bees out.

All entries on the same side, I like mine to face east so that the morning sun hits the entries. I work the hive from the opposite side. Having the entry on the side away from you keeps you out of their flight path and you will annoy them less.

F) Now the top bars themselves are both the easiest and the most difficult. ANY scrap wood that is untreated (very important, all wood used for the body and bars must be untreated) can be used to make top bars.

When a colony is new to its hive, you give them 1 1/4″ width bars to start (it is best width for brood). For Honey bars 1 1/2″ best.

You can put strips of foundation on the bars to help guide the comb building to keep it straight.

You will also need a bunch of thin pieces, about the thickness of paint sticks, so that when you get the bars in you can sneak those in to close up the last gap– the home is done.

G)Any sort of roof/lid over will keep it dry–the bees don’t care, Insulation makes the hive cooler in summer and warmer in winter which is good for the bees.

If you make the lid flat and with the long sides open so that sunlight can get under, it will discourage roaches from taking up residence and pooping on the bars.

My lid is not hinged, I just lift it off, this makes prying bars loose so I can inspect easier.

H) Legs are best spread so that the hive is squat and stable, or you can build a frame on legs (some use old pipe and set the legs in concrete, and tie the hives down on it).

Whatever you do, you will need to secure the hive for during high winds, and strap the lid down too.

Mine have wood legs, sit on pavers and are braced with concrete blocks. Other blocks sit on top. We’s had some gusty winds and so far no movement.

I also set my top bar hives so a narrow end is facing into the prevailing winds.

If you can, plant sunflowers to give afternoon shade.

I) OH and VERY important— to help the bees make straight comb, LEVEL the hive both directions.

J) Some people like to get fancy and cut an observation window and put plexiglass over it and hinge a door on the outside of it, bees get annoyed if you look too often.If you price top bar hive kits then look at these directions, you will see that you can make your own and have several for much less money than one kit or one fully constructed hive AND yours will be larger.


our first hive, first bees, and I honestly do not know what I am doing!


THE BAREFOOT BEEKEEPER by Philip Chandler. Has basic plans in it, similar to above, but this design has efficient use of materials.

FIRST LESSONS IN BEEKEEPING by Keith S. Delaplane is a general introduction. He is another very good instructor!

TOP BAR BEEKEEPING by Les Crowder and Heather Harrell. I simply love Les Crowder’s lectures.

Join the Potatso Lite beta - TestFlight - Apple:Testing. Each build is available to test for up to 90 days, starting from the day the developer uploads their build. You can see how many days you have left for testing under the app name in TestFlight.


Here is a nice installing a package of bees video: shadoweocket电脑端 He is using starter bars with a thin piece centered down the bars, foundation strips in this case, but once you get things going straight you can use bars without.

Mike Palmer is an excellent lecturer. Here is my favorite Mike Palmer lecture: http://youtu.be/nznzpiWEI8A

Les Crowder is another good speaker. http://youtu.be/S1WeGzEan2o and http://youtu.be/AR6fxVR0SSg and…well, they apparently haven’t uploaded the first part yet. http://youtu.be/0gkz34d_L5w  This one is a really GOOD instructional video for new beekeepers. He is just such a good teacher, go, enjoy!


Phil Chandler, another great person to learn from: 免费翻国外墙的app

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Be sure to join your local bee club. Twice when I panicked over if I was doing anything right, people from my club came and walked me though inspecting the hive. BeeKeepers are awesome people in my experience.

Lastly, for my region, I got my bees from Bee Weaver, so far my colony is thriving. I need to build some more hives so I can expand by splitting my current hive. http://youtu.be/A8F0iNBToWM

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All the photos copyright 2018 by the author.

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Intentional Community: Classical Conversations

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Classical Conversations is a once a week day school where parents and students gather and tutors introduce the new materials to everyone. This gives parents the ability to follow a classical format even if not classically trained themselves. The remainder of the week is normal home schooling with parent chosen curriculum and practicing the material introduced that week.

For a parent needing the support of an intentional community, this is an excellent program. It covers subjects in an orderly manner, repeating the cycle every three years in the younger levels. Next skills are added to fun memory work, and then the challenge level where the student uses the skills and materials memorized to interact with the world using reason, logic, and increasing independence. The intended result is a well rounded young adult ready to take their learning in any direction they choose.

However, the most important part is the intentional community that grows between the parents and students and the tutors. This is a positive social community– and we know how wonderful it is to have that sort of community. Humans are naturally social, and this is one example of an intentional community that brings together parents with similar goals to help and encourage one another.

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Intentional Community: Foundations Revealed

There are some intentional communities created on the internet that I find awesome even when they are about things I do not do. Today’s example is FOUNDATIONS REVEALED. An Intentional Community that revolves around the sewing and building of corsets of every imaginable type.

I particularly love that their community is encouraging and kind to newcomers. Persons who are starting out to learn the skills needed to create their own interior garments according to their own creative vision. This is demonstrated by their FOUNDATIONS REVEALED 2018 COMPETITION.  I very much like that so many first time creators entered.

I must admit to have wanted a corset of my own, something plain and sturdy in a breathable fabric to encourage better posture. I love the look, and I loved one I wore years ago but it was poorly made and lasted only a couple of wearings.  However, I am not crafty this way. That said, if I ever were to be tempted into replacing a current activity with a new one, this community would be one I would have to consider.

If you are into period re-creations, steampunk, costuming, or just like victorian and edwardian clothing, Foundations Revealed may be just the intentional community you are seeking. I enjoy the emails that give me a peak into their friendly and encouraging group. Nice people, fascinating activity.

Dear Lord, Thank You for intentional communities which give us encouragement and support in the midst of a noisy world. +Amen.

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I noticed something…

I have noticed a trend in our culture to tell Catholics they must abandon the teachings of the Church if they cannot perfectly live all of it. This goes along with the trend to tell the Church that God’s laws must be changed because they are “too difficult”. I say to both of these trends–HOG WASH! We are called to strive toward the ideal of Sainthood. Church teaching is the guidebook for attaining Sainthood and Sainthood is required for entering heaven.

God helps us to strive toward becoming Saints. The sacrament of Confession is where God puts us back on the path when we have fallen off of it. Eucharist strengthens those in a State of Grace so they are better enabled to grow in virtue. Scripture records that the way is narrow, steep, and difficult. We are to be committed to following it. We are committed to seek virtue no matter how often we fall short.

That no Catholic follows Church teaching perfectly is not an issue because it isn’t humanly possible to do so–only by way of union with Jesus do we gain the grace to stay the course. St Paul wrote about the struggle, and how even he, who had taught so many how to follow the way Jesus set for us, could still lose heaven. He wrote this to urge all who love Jesus to struggle hard to grow more and more like Christ, to cooperate with God’s grace to become Saints, and so win the race for the glory of heaven.

So Catholic, when the world tries to tell you to give up, remember St. Paul and know you are in the company of the Saints as you limp your way along, repenting and going to Confession, seeking grace from God in all the sacraments and sacramentals, hoping to allow God’s grace to work in you.

Failture is human, we are inclined to an easier way, the way of the world, and must reach for the grace of God to overcome. Failure is not hypocrisy.  We are not hypocrites to hold that Catholic teaching is true and right yet fail to meet the standard perfectly.

A Hypocrite says here is the standard but I am exempty–like the politician who does not pay his taxes, yet everyone else must pay theirs or receive punishments that could wreck their lives. NO, we hold that Catholicism is true. We will not say another standard is equally good. We will say, here is the standard to attain heaven if you want heaven. Every person must decide for themselves how they will respond to it, but only one path leads to heaven.

Dear Lord, thank You for the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church. Thank You for Your help in learning and growing to live by those teachings. Thank You that every person has the gift of free will. Please help them to choose Your way over all others. +Amen.

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Marriage and Men

I wrote a bit ago on my take on the role of the wife in marriage, reframing the “wives submit” to “I am my husband’s second, I have his back” and I wanted to speak on the husband but without attempting to advise husbands from my own thoughts so much as point them toward men I think who would be good for them. Enter ROMAN CATHOLIC MAN.  Here is a web site that speaks to men about being men in our culture and framed by scripture and the Catholic faith. I am impressed by it.

So husbands I advise you to seek out other men whose character you admire and ask them about being a husband who leads his family with respect and generosity.  This web site is one such collection of men striving to be virtuous and strong.

A second site is related, it brings the challenge to new levels. HOLY LEAGUE is another online community urging men to step up and be men. I find is pretty awesome!

THE CATHOLIC GENTLEMAN is yet another direction men might take in seeking virtue in a manly way.

Of course I could have begun with the most well known: KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, which do so much good work for the church and community. Men supporting each other and joining together to do what needs doing and if they have a good time as well, all the better!

I found my way to another site, I think also related to the above sites: NINEVEH 90 is a challenge to men, although I know women who are joining their men in the prayers(and some even inspired to participate in women’s groups inspired by the men).

So, while I can speak from my own vocation on my own vocation, I think it best that men seek out other men to learn their vocations. I’m tired of effeminate men which result when women try to tell men how to be men. I adore my husband, who is stubborn and male, and honestly all sorts of wonderful. What he is not, is in any way my second! He has my back as the leader in our family and I respect him so much for that!  I’d like other women to be able to find men who know how to be men. So this is my contribution of links for men to go do just that–from other men!

Dear Lord, please help men to find and learn from other men who know how to live out their manhood in the way most pleasing to You. Thank You for these groups who seek to help men do just that. +Amen.


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Pluralism is Dead

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I also think most Americans, thanks to the public and private school systems, confuse a pluralistic society and a relativistic society.

Pluralism= Objective truth exists and this fact is accepted nearly universally. The right to live by truth as you understand it is respected; disagreements are discussed with civility, and nobody is surprised or offended when creeds are held and followed. After all, people seek to  live by what they understand to be true, and our first amendment to our constitution states the pluralistic societies belief that everyone should be free to follow the creed they believe to be true, and that others are free to speak out and say they do not agree. Civil debate is encouraged and the freedom to speak ones mind and live by one’s chosen creed is held to be a God-given right.

Relativism=Objective truth is replaced by subjective truth; everyone is to affirm anything anyone chooses to believe as true. Anyone refusing to agree that opposing beliefs are equally truth is anathema. Freedom of speaking is violated because one cannot say, “I beg to differ.” Freedom of religion is violated because no-one is free to hold to a creed unless they also affirm its opposite. Persons found to believe their creed to objectively true and caught living by it are to be punished severely and re-educated.

That is my take on it, however inept my expression.  Relativism has replaced Pluralism and people are shocked to find that the tolerance and civility expected in a pluralistic society has been replaced by the intolerance of a relativistic society. Our culture, once pluralistic, is walking dead.

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Dear Lord, help me to teach my children to take seriously the teachings of St. Josemaria Escriva and St. John Paul the Great, and live boldly their Faith, as they pursue their careers and raise their own families, even in the face of persecution. +Amen. 

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I passed on several great coupons, passing them to others.

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My sister gave me a very generous gift card to amazon. I love gift cards to amazon. WHAT to do?

I used it to send a baby gift to a first time mom. She blogs videos and I have enjoyed their adventures as a couple and their joy at the baby. So I sent her a gift. That felt wonderful. I used the gift card in a way that left me feeling HAPPY.

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I DO feel bad about the paperback I bought a couple weeks ago when I was picking up a prescription at the pharmacy.

I think I should feel bad for pre-ordering a movie I want to watch. The guilt is there, a little, I think, but I am sorry to say I am not so upset as I ought to be for violating my goal!

Still, I am going to continue and steel myself to resist further purchases.  Less is more! Master your money! Discipline!

Dear Lord, thank You for the opportunity to grow in self discipline and generosity by way of fasting from shopping. I hadn’t recognized that I have a problem with shopping until I chose to fast from it. Please forgive me for the breaks, and help me to be strong and not repeat those failures or any others! +Amen.


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I sit here upset at myself for eating off diet. I have this Way of Eating or WOE that works for me and I keep having days like today where I get derailed and fail to avoid the foods I don’t even want anymore. Blew my carb count AND my no grains. I suspect the sauce had sugar in it. All together, I failed. I hate cheating on my diet. I cheated on a diet I love. What. An. Idiot.

I LIKE my way of eating. Feel better ON this diet. Am clearer minded ON this diet. I considered fasting until we got home, but I know how my blood sugars tend to dip mid-afternoon and didn’t want to risk it. My plans for lunch fell through and I went through the drive-through. I need to take better control of our meals away from home.

I need to come up with a quick lunch to eat at the home school center BEFORE we head to the drum lessons. I’m not sure what, but something. I struggle with just getting us there, so attempting to add a packed lunch is going to be horribly difficult for me. Executive function problems do that to you. Everyone else out there appears to get it done without fuss or bother, but for me it requires the same effort as writing a dissertation. Actually, I suspect I could do a dissertation with less anxiety.

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I made it to the drum lessons with fed kids.  Then my little drummer needed the restroom, but thanks to people making messes in their bathroom it is now locked and an instructor or other employee has to let you into the bathroom, and nobody was available. I found this stressful, which didn’t help at all. Talk about overwhelm!

So here I am, feeling freaked out even though back in my nice office at home. Welcome to a fairly typical day.

Dear Lord, thank You that I was able to get my children to science classes and drum lessons on time today, and fed. Thank You for those teachers who handle subjects I prefer to delegate. Thank You for the vehicle that got us around town reliably. Thank you for the quality of the hay I was able to buy for Bill the Pony. Please help me to over-come old habits and stay on my diet. +Amen.

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